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Personal Training Certification

Become certified in an industry that you love! The NAFC Certified Personal Training program was developed from a passion to "build a better trainer" by combining results-driven science with advanced practical application. By perfecting these two disciplines, NAFC trainers become empowered to safely and successfully lead clients toward better health and improved quality of life. » Learn more

Nutrition Coach Foundations

Learn how to build a foundation of nutritional knowledge to help guide your clients in developing their food plans. This certification is based on college-level nutrition courses. » Learn more

Group Fitness Instructor Certification

Our instructors are part of a dynamic, new wave in fitness training for success, discipline and innovation. Master the basic disciplines of aerobics and step movement combined with a wide range of sport-targeted programs such as group strength training, kickboxing, dance, water fitness, mind/body classes and so much more! NAFC certified group fitness instructors learn the skills to teach effective and stimulating classes in response to a diverse range of needs. » Learn more

Health & Wellness Certification

The Health and Wellness Certification allows you to comprehensively master each of the fields of personal training, group fitness instruction, and wellness consultation. Enhance your training acumen and confidence through understanding the synergistic relationship between principles of weight training, fitness assessment, lifestyle consultation and nutrition. » Learn more

Wellness Consultant Certification

Wellness consultants help clients with overall exercise guidance through health and lifestyle education and coaching. Certified wellness consultants are prepared to help clients meet goals through their education in personal training, group fitness instruction and weight management counseling. Extensive information about nutrition and weight management is shared through the program, as well as other health-related topics. » Learn more

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