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Pre-Pilates Postural Assessment Module

Developing the eyes of a critical thinking trainer starts here. This course will assist new as well as seasoned instructors to be more adept at assessing body types and to determine appropriate movements for each. Learn to do initial postural assessments necessary prior to working with any new client. Develop skills of looking at individuals as a whole by observing their gait and the way they move. A prerequisite for Mat 1 & 2, or CEC.

CEC Values NAFC: 0.4    NESTA: 0.4    Valid for 24 months    

Price: $149.00

Product Detail

Students of this course will leave with a clear understanding of how to recognize physical imbalances, as well as learn how to apply exercises that are best suited for their specific postural imbalances. Understanding postural assessments is a great tool for all fitness instructors, so this course is also useful for personal trainers, yoga teachers, group fitness instructors!

  • Learn the anatomy of movement and their specific goals
  • Learn the necessary placement of each client on the mat so that they have a successful experience
  • Learn core stabilizers and their functions, and core stabilization on an unstable sur­face
  • Understand the history of Joseph Pilates and his passion for his work
  • Understand the great importance of the eight principles and how we apply them for maximum results
  • Learn the science behind the exercises
  • Learn the difference and how to combine the traditional exercises with a contemporary style and safer methods of teaching
  • Be able to utilize these exercises in personal training and group fitness