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Bender Ball

The Bender Ball Workout - What you're seeing in the gym are people doing a gazillion crunches and they don't know why they're not getting results. With a regular crunch on the floor, you're limited. You can only go forward, you can't go back. With the Bender Ball, you're getting extension back and flexion forward, which works your muscles more effectively.

Price: $10.00

Product Detail

What Makes the Bender Ball Unique?

"Why give up ab crunches? It's very simple. When you're doing ab crunches you tend to use less of the muscles you want and more of the muscles you don't want. And that's what the Bender Method does. Helps you work more efficiently in a healthier, more effective way." - Dr. Rob Johnson What's unique about the Bender Ball is that it will help you relax the muscles that you're trying to avoid training and help you activate the muscles that you're really trying to focus on, which is Leslee's unique method called Selective Stabilization™.

Bender Ball vs Other Small Balls

Increasing Intensity - You can increase your workout intensity by extending back on the ball further. In the Bender Ball workouts, you can also choose the intensity and tempo that feels comfortable for you. Just by changing the leverage of your body, you can change the intensity of the workout. The intensity may also be adjusted by slightly inflating or deflating the ball. Other small balls, like a child's toy ball, are not designed to be adjusted in this way.

Ball Resistance - The Bender Ball is made so that it will provide a slip resistance surface for you to exercise with. It is important that the ball stays in place so that you do not have to constantly readjust the ball during exercise. Other balls are too slick and therefore can slide out from under you when you are exercising. They also do not adjust for a person's body weight, which is a feature that makes Bender Ball exercises more comfortable for your back.

Bender Ball vs Standard Crunches & Large Balls

Standard Crunches - When doing standard crunches, it requires you to be in just the right position to properly activate your ab muscles. Otherwise your efforts are engaging your hip flexors and straining your back muscles. That's why the Bender Ball works so well, because it immediately puts you in the perfect position to get the best results out of your ab workout. The Bender Ball also gives you more extension and range of motion so you get a significant increase when working your abs. In fact, the Bender Ball gives you a workout that's up to 408% more effective than ordinary crunches!

Large Stability Balls - Sometimes smaller is better!! The Bender Ball is 200% more effective than a Large Swiss Ball and at 1/10 the size! The smaller ball is more effective because it fits in the small of your back. No matter if you have a long or a short spine, when the Bender Ball is placed behind your back, you have a more effective abdominal curl than if you're trying to lean way over a big stability ball. The Bender Ball with it's smaller diameter will give you greater extension. Plus the large balls are so hard to store and the Bender Ball can be taken with you anywhere you go!