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Cancer and the Older Adult

Cancer and the Older Adult™ identifies cancer risk factors and provides cancer prevention strategies related to lifestyle. This course presents the essential materials related to cancer risk, disease states and treatment; and, guidelines for both avoiding and addressing cancer. Also, physical activity and specific diet recommendations for living productively after surviving various types of cancer are included.

CEC NAFC: 0.40   

Price: $79.00

Product Detail

  • Explain what cancer is and how it can develop.
  • Identify lifestyle factors that may increase the risk of getting cancer.
  • Describe how diet, weight and exercise affect the length and quality of cancer survival.
  • Explain diet and exercise recommendations for survivors of various cancers.

This certificate package with online test includes:

  • 64-page American Academy of Health and Fitness Cancer and the Older Adult manual by Tammy Petersen
  • 40-page workbook in PDF format

Instructions for completing the 60-question multiple-choice online test and obtaining CECs are also included. All course materials are available electronically. Nothing is mailed.