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Developing Agility and Quickness for Sport Performance

Developing Agility and Quickness for Sport Performance™ addresses the physical and cognitive components of agility and quickness. Applicable to most all sports, this course focuses on improving quickness of foot and change of direction speed, along with perceptual and decision making factors. It includes more than 100 drills to help in the development of safe, effective and comprehensive training programs.

CEC NAFC: 0.60   

Price: $119.00

Product Detail

  • Discuss how agility and quickness impacts sport performance.
  • Identify and discuss the factors that influence agility and how to develop these attributes.
  • Explain how perceptual and decision-making skills impacts agility performance.
  • Describe methods for evaluating, assessing, and monitoring agility and quickness.
  • Identify and explain at least 5 drills for developing agility.
  • Identify and explain at least 5 drills for developing quickness.
  • Discuss the basic foundations of designing agility and quickness programs.
  • Apply the basic foundations of agility and quickness program to sport-specific training.

This certificate package with online test includes:

  • eBook version of the 200-page Developing Agility and Quickness, Editors Jay Dawes and Mark Roozen
  • A 55-page workbook provided in PDF format

Instructions for completing the 30 question multiple-choice online test and obtaining obtaining CECs/CEUs are also included. All course materials are available electronically. Nothing is mailed.