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Group Fitness Program

With our Group Fitness program, learn to choose and include music to make your classes exciting! Learn the benefits of aerobic training, choreography techniques and cueing/teaching skills. You will also learn about pre-choreographed aerobic fitness programs and the newest trends in group aerobic fitness.

CEC NAFC: 0.70    NESTA: 0.70   

Price: $249.00

Product Detail

In the Group Fitness program, you'll learn to assess and apply an understanding of:

  • Components of total fitness exercise programming.
  • Components of aerobic fitness training.
  • Safety variables and methods for avoiding injury.
  • Mechanics involved in maintaining proper posture.
  • Various warm up movements and limbering exercises.
  • Various types of aerobics and different impact levels of aerobic movement.
  • Movements and cues for different aerobic movements.
  • Choreography for 32 count routines.
  • Effective timing and visual cues for teaching aerobics.

For the Step Instructor program, you'll learn to apply the aerobics instruction techniques to step training contexts, including specific choreography and cueing demands.

In the Step Instructor program, you'll additionally learn to assess and apply an understanding of:

  • The definition and benefits of step training.
  • Appropriate step-bench heights for individuals of various fitness levels.
  • Proper step body alignment and technique.
  • Correct posture during step training.
  • The principles of step training to music.
  • Factors involved in adjusting step intensity.
  • Benefits associated with the use of resistance tubing.
  • Proper warm-up techniques.
  • Proper breathing.
  • Identifying various directional approaches to the bench.
  • The definition of base steps.
  • Variations that can be used with base steps.
  • Various arm movements and intensities.
  • Applying the techniques mentioned above to the design of step training routines.
  • Creating step training pattern variations.