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ICG Stages Certification

Get certified with ICG Stages - the preferred education of many of the world's leading health clubs, brands and instructors. ICG Stages is an internationally recognized and accredited Online or one day Live certification that, when passed, will globally certify you to teach indoor cycling. The one day Live certification allows you to attend a full day's certification led by one of our master trainers and offers a group learning environment that delivers greater practical assessment for those who require or prefer this format.

CEC NAFC: 0.80    NESTA: 0.80   

Price: $249.00

Product Detail

Stage One

Like all good training regimes you need to build a solid foundation and this is what Stage One delivers for you. You will learn:
  • The application of cycling physiology and kinesiology
  • Core riding positions and their application in a multi-level class meeting the individual's physical and sporting needs
  • How to use music and profile to elicit emotional responses that motivate, inspire and direct the individual's form and technique
  • Monitoring methods to maximize participant education and achievement
  • Understanding of different dynamics, communication and teaching methods needed in high adherence group exercise
  • Key components to, and the importance of, building a solid aerobic foundation

Stage Two

Once the foundation is built you need to start to add in the more advanced applications to keep the training alive and relevant. This is what Stage Two delivers for you. You will learn:
  • Advanced riding techniques and positions
  • Overcoming the issues linked with introducing and teaching advanced aerobic training
  • Advanced class profiles to accommodate everyone's goals and abilities
  • Application of indoor cycling coaching for road, triathlon and MTB
  • Advanced knowledge and application of physiology related to aerobic and anaerobic training