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NAFC Quick Questions and Answers

Benefits of NAFC Certification

Why should I consider getting my certification through NAFC?
NAFC is an industry leader, as our certifications focus on teaching our members practical skills and how to excel in their fields. The NAFC trains students on an individualized level by establishing long-term relationships with students. The NAFC's primary goal is to evaluate each student's skills based on their current knowledge, especially in areas that may be identified as requiring skill improvement. NAFC will create an environment to build on this evaluation in optimizing each student's skill sets.
Does NAFC offer assistance for questions and/or concepts within the course material?
NAFC certification specialists have access to health and wellness professionals and master trainers to offer assistance in answering your questions.
Does NAFC offer certification outside of the United States?
The NAFC does certify students in different countries outside the United States, however we recommend that you verify that the laws in your country recognize this type of certification. Additionally, we advise that you check with your potential place of employment to insure they recognize certifications provided by the NAFC. We continue to reach out to fitness facilities, organizations and individuals to broaden the NAFC sphere of influence as a provider of continuing education in the health and fitness industry. The NAFC is dedicated to providing our students with the skills necessary to maximize their potential for job opportunities wherever they may reside.

Certificate Info

Do I need any college credits to qualify for this certification?
There are no college requirements for any NAFC certification.
Are there any age requirements?
The NAFC sets no minimum age requirement for candidates who wish to purchase and complete an NAFC certification. However The NAFC cannot issue a Final Certificate until a candidate reaches 18 years of age. NAFC educational trainings, including CEC's and completed certification courses may be used toward gaining credit from other schools as well.
What does each program include?
Each program includes an online textbook, review questions, vocabulary, and some programs include video or DVD lectures. Your online testing is included in our pricing.
Can I opt to take a single program rather than a full certification?
You are welcome to take an individual program; however, if you want to be certified by the NAFC, you must take all of the programs within a certification curriculum. The Nutrition Coach Certification only contains one program to complete in order to become certified.
Can I take multiple programs simultaneously?
Yes. If you decide to take multiple programs, you can either complete the program material (including tests) concurrently, or in your desired order.
How long does it take to complete the certifications?
We recommend that you try to finish each individual certification program within a six month period, up to 18 months after registration. The Personal Trainer and Group Fitness certification programs each take about 2 to 3 months to complete.  On average, a dual certification takes about 4 to 6 months to complete. The length of time required to complete a specific NAFC certification largely depends on the student's dedication and available study time.
When will I receive my certificates?
After you successfully finish your online course assignments, online written theory and practical exams, and provide proof of CPR Certification, the NAFC will send you your certificate. NAFC Personal Training Workshops are a second option for the practical exam.
How many continuing education credits are needed for re-certification?
Personal Training: 2 year certification - 2.7 credits; Group Fitness: 2 year certification - 2.7 credits; Wellness Consultant: 2 year certification - 2.7 credits.
Do you accept other fitness agencies' continuing education credits (ACE, AFAA, ISSA or college courses) that relate to the field?
Yes. The NAFC accepts a wide variety of continuing education courses from most accredited organizations and colleges.
Does CPR Certification count as a continuing education credit?
No. However, instructors are expected to keep their CPR cards up to date.
Is your annual fee due at the time of re-certification and, if so, how much is it?
There is no annual fee, just a re-certification fee of $100 when you submit your continuing education credits. The renewal fee is the same for all certifications.
What are the procedures for re-certification?
You can attend workshops, take home-study courses or health and fitness-related college classes, read books and videos and/or provide reports. Whichever option you choose, you must keep records of your continued education fulfillment which must be approved in advance by the NAFC. When you complete the amount needed for your particular certification, you must send in your records with the $100 re-certification fee and proof of current CPR certification.

Assignments & Exams

At what level are NAFC certification textbooks written?
NAFC certification textbooks are written at college freshman level, however the NAFC also offers advanced levels of continuing education through our ongoing courses and workshops.
Why does the Wellness Consultant certification include Fitness Assessment?
Wellness consultants must know how to take complete Health Histories and conduct body composition analysis, which are covered in the Fitness Assessment course. Even if a Wellness Consultant does not lead exercise sessions, he or she must understand how fitness directly relates to a healthy lifestyle.
How do I take the online theory exams?
Online theory exams are self-assigned via your My NAFC page. When you are ready to test, click the "Request" button next to the test you wish to take. A unique test code will be emailed to you along with instructions on how to access the testing site.
What should I expect when taking an online theory exam?
The online exams take place in your browser and consist of a series of multiple choice questions. You must be using a computer (laptop or desktop) with webcam in order to begin the test so that we may authenticate you. If you do not have a webcam, you may purchase one at little cost (here for example). You may also use public facilities such as a library where you have access to a webcam. You will have a certain time limit to complete the exam before it is automatically submitted. Upon completion, your exam is immediately graded and your results are emailed to you. Once all tests are passed, congratulations! Your NAFC representative will contact you with your next steps.
How do I take the offline written exams?
Written exams are administered by an NAFC qualified proctor. All proctors are required to submit a complete Curriculum Vitae to be reviewed and approved by the NAFC. You may select a proctor who is willing to monitor and follow the established NAFC exam procedures, however any candidate selected proctor must submit to the NAFC guidelines and be pre-qualified six weeks prior to commencement of the examination. The proctor must also return the completed exam in a sealed, pre-addressed, stamped envelope.
How long does it take to find out results after a written exam has been taken?
The final results will be available immediately following completion of your online examination. If you choose to take a written exam administered by a proctor, results will be issued within one week of exam completion.
What happens if you score less than 80% on the online or written exam?
If you receive a no pass on the exam, a retake will be necessary. The retake cost is $25.00.