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NAFC Primary Certifications

Join the team of NAFC professionals. Become certified as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, wellness consultant, or health and wellness specialist by selecting from the following. You may choose an individual certification, or save money through selecting one of our bundled certifications.

Prepare yourself for professional one-on-one interactions with clients.

Learn to:

  • Assess fitness levels and design programs based on client's needs and goals.
  • Teach in a manner that enhances learning while respecting safety and effectiveness.
  • Learn correct anatomical movement.
  • Understand and apply corrective movement by gaining expertise in body mechanics.

NAFC CEC: 3.00

Valid for 24 months

Price: $399.00
With Personal Training Practical Application Workshop: $599.00 Learn about workshops! Add to Cart

Build a foundation of knowledge in nutritional sciences along with proven coaching skills to successfully guide clients in developing food plans. Based on college level nutrition courses.

Five part program includes:

  • Introduction to basic sciences
  • Immersion in nutritional science
  • Review and commentary on Government Nutritional Guidelines
  • Art and science of effective coaching
  • Step by step tools to implement nutritional coaching competently and profitably

NAFC CEC: 2.00

Valid for 24 months

Price: $349.00

NAFC Yoga 200 Teacher Training Course offers insight into the basic history of Yoga, the anatomical theory and practical application components required to properly explain, demonstrate, and instruct yoga with confidence. Instructors will learn proper sequencing and design of a safe, effective and accessible Yoga class.

NAFC CEC: 4.00

Valid for 24 months

Price: $699.00

Discover the excitement! Our instructors are part of a dynamic new wave in fitness training for success through discipline and innovation. Master the basics of aerobics and step movement which are applicable to a wide range of sport-targeted programs.

  • Total fitness exercise programming
  • Aerobic fitness training
  • Safety variables and methods for avoiding injury
  • Proper posture mechanics
  • Various warm up movements and limbering exercises

NAFC CEC: 3.00
AFAA CEC: 7.00

Valid for 24 months

Price: $299.00
With Group Fitness Workshop: $399.00 Learn about workshops! Add to Cart

Los instructores de NAFC de Fitness Grupal son parte de una nueva ola dinámica de entrenamiento físico. Quienes dominan las disciplinas básicas de movimiento y coreografía aeróbica las cuales les permitirán dar instrucciones a un amplia gama de programas orientados al deporte tales como entrenamiento de fuerza grupal, kickboxing, clases de baile, cuerpo/mente y mucho más! Aprenderán las habilidades necesarias para impartir clases efectivas y estimulantes en respuesta a una amplia gama de necesidades.

NAFC CEC: 3.00
AFAA CEC: 7.00

Valid for 24 months

Price: $299.00
With Group Fitness Workshop: $399.00 Learn about workshops! Add to Cart

Wellness consultants guide their clients in the areas of health, fitness, lifestyle education and nutrition coaching. Prepare to help your clients meet goals by guiding them in healthy lifestyle habits, including nutrition, weight management, and quantifiable goal setting.

Includes the following core programs:

  • Nutrition Coach Certification
  • Fitness Assessment Program
  • Lifestyle Consultant Program

NAFC CEC: 3.00

Valid for 24 months

Price: $599.00

This Mat 1 course is the foundation to begin Pilates and prepares students to develop, execute and teach the historic exercises of Pilates Mat-work training. Learn to instruct as a critical-thinking trainer capable of understanding the anatomy of a particular exercise and purpose of each movement.


  • Pilates exercises and their purpose
  • Learn the foundational exercises you will need to teach
  • How to activate all core muscles
  • How to apply breath control with all three planes of movement to achieve different results

NAFC CEC: 1.80
ACE CEC: 1.80
AFAA CEC: 13.00

Valid for 24 months

Price: $249.00
With Pilates Coach - Mat 1 Virtual Workshop: $349.00 Learn about workshops! Add to Cart

Mat level 2 is a continuation of level 1 using new tools to enhance sequencing and program design.

  • Learn and experience the use of Pilates "tools" using Pilates Rings and mini balls.
  • Open up a whole new concept of training with Tri-plane movement methodology.
  • Turn exercise into dynamic functional movements that translate into every day activities.
  • Incorporate tools to train more effectively than with just a mat.
  • Learn our innovative and unique approach to applied functional movement.

NAFC CEC: 0.80
ACE CEC: 0.80
AFAA CEC: 5.50

Valid for 24 months

Price: $249.00
With Pilates Coach - Mat 2 Virtual Workshop: $349.00 Learn about workshops! Add to Cart

When the reformer is used in our method of training it becomes functional. Tri-plane Reformer training utilizes all three planes of movement in positions of the body that translate into daily activities.

  • Understand the exercises, their purpose and for whom they are appropriate.
  • Understand how a spring load dramatically affects muscle groups, the quality of exercise, and why not all springs are the same.
  • Discover the kinetic chain reaction of the feet and how it transfers to all exercises.
  • Learn how to perform a full postural evaluation.

NAFC CEC: 3.80
ACE CEC: 3.80
AFAA CEC: 15.00

Valid for 24 months

Price: $449.00

Hone in on the skills of a seasoned Functional Movement Specialist. Learn the broader meaning of functional movement concepts using the sure-fire method approved by the NAFC and the Pilates Coach.

  • Analyze dysfunctions and how dysfunctions relate to quality of movement.
  • Go beyond with Intermediate and advanced Reformer Pilates exercises.
  • Learn Tri-Plane Functional Training and its benefits.
  • Use additional tools such as the jump board, Pilates box, the mini ball, and free weights to progress students through functional and pain-free movements.

NAFC CEC: 2.00
ACE CEC: 2.00
AFAA CEC: 15.00

Valid for 24 months

Price: $299.00