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Pro-Fit Q & A

What is the Pro-Fit market?

The Pro-Fit Market was developed as a Dues Free Association, designed specifically for you. In our commitment to support and promote professionals in the health and fitness industry, the NAFC has created a community of exclusive, strategic partners to pass along the goods and services you will find here. These offerings will give you key resources to become profitable in your business career.

Where should I work?

Large "chain" gyms drive sales to survive by employing people with PT certifications. These corporate giants must prioritize sales rather than trainers, and pay you 40% or less per session for personal training. Careful thought and consideration regarding where you should work to maximize your income and professional future is critical. Most gyms incorporate a standardized training program and will require you to follow their guidelines within their designated system.

Who will pay me what I want to earn?

As a facility's source of income, you are expected to bring in sales or you will not be retained. If you are not able to continue generating income you will either search for another job or decide to create your own business, which we at the NAFC are in the business of promoting. The NAFC believes in the ability of each of our students as professionals to become successful in our industry "in their own right."

How can I train my clients the way I want to?

As previously stated most gyms will want you to train within their system, and typically the one that is easiest for them to sell. Becoming an independent trainer will allow you greater flexibility in the techniques you choose and use to train your clients.

Should I train clients in their homes?

Many trainers find this as a way around working at a gym. You keep all of what you earn and set your own schedule. However you must consider:

  • How will you generate new clients when they are not coming to you through the gym setting?
  • Travel time between clients, fuel, and wear and tear on your vehicle brings you back to earning 40% of your training revenue.

The NAFC ProFit Market has the remedy: A host of resources and professionals to bring you educational webinars, and business solutions to create a successful professional practice

Building Your Own Fitness Studio

A small training studio (4-5000 square foot box) can be obtained inexpensively with well-serviced or remanufactured equipment. The NAFC can help you start up, manage and equip any size studio or gym. The NAFC will help you obtain financing.


Now that you have the spot how do you make the money? The NAFC can help you learn the financial planning involved as well as consult regarding profit centers, budgeting and marketing.

Profit Centers

ProFit Market Opportunities... Be Your Own Internet Supplement Store.

Webinars and Turn-key Solutions

The NAFC has contracted with key companies to bring you the education and help you need.