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Most of us know that exercise is only 20% of the process to achieve the goals set by you and your client.

Once you get clients, how do you keep them? How about learning and being able to meet their total needs?

Many fitness pros rely on spouting off about the latest trends or worse, about some bodybuilding diet they learned along the way. Your clients are getting more savvy and you need to have a real education to distinguish yourself as a credible source of information and be seen as the guide to help them reach their goals.

1. Nutrition Coach Foundations

With this course, you will build a foundation of nutritional knowledge to help guide your clients in developing their food plans. This certification is based on college-level nutrition courses.

  • Understand the controversies.
  • Learn to distinguish between reality and myth.
  • Get the knowledge you need to become a nutrition coach as an add-on to your current fitness career, or to begin a career in nutrition counseling.
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2. Performance Nutrition and Sports Supplement Coach

This course will take you to a level of nutrition knowledge that only the experts truly know.

Since nutrition is one of the most important components in guiding your clients to successfully obtaining their fitness goals, this course will give you the tools to offer the most complete fitness solutions available.

Course includes:

  • 260 page full-color PDF study manual
  • Online multiple-choice test
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Bundle both of these programs together for a complete nutrition education at a discounted price. Read More