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Personal Training Practical Application Workshop

Personal Trainer Virtual Workshop

Earn your certification as a Personal Trainer! Already a Personal Trainer? Earn your CEC's with us and gain an understanding of the practical application of sound biomechanics like you never have before. Come and see why we are leading the way in functional training!

NAFC virtual workshops offer the same level of education and training as our live workshops, but allows you to take the workshop home with you and conveniently stream on your computer or device.

CEC NAFC: 0.40    NESTA: 0.40   

Price: $249.00
With Personal Training Certification : $549.00

Product Detail

NAFC now offers virtual certification workshops that you can attend whenever it's convenient for you.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of practical application techniques and core concepts.

Most students learn and retain information at a higher level through audio/visual demonstration and explanation. For this reason, NAFC has always recommended attending one of our live workshops. However, if attending a live workshop is not convenient for you, then enrolling in a virtual workshop is the answer!

Let our expert trainers and instructors visually guide you as they demonstrate hands-on skills and pro-tips that will prepare you for your practical exam and your career.

An NAFC Personal Training or Group Fitness Certification must accompany your Virtual Workshop purchase. To complete your Certification, you must participate in either a Live or Virtual workshop and achieve a passing grade. You may also choose to take the Virtual Workshop as a stand-alone CEC fulfillment to maintain your CEC standing.

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