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Yoga 200 Certification

NAFC Yoga 200 Teacher Training Course offers insight into the basic history of Yoga, the anatomical theory and practical application components required to properly explain, demonstrate, and instruct yoga with confidence. Instructors will learn proper sequencing and design of a safe, effective and accessible Yoga class.

CEC NAFC: 4.00    NESTA: 4.00    Valid for 24 months    

Price: $699.00

Product Detail

Upon completion of the NAFC Yoga Instructor Training course, an instructor will be able to:

  • Define the foundational concepts of Yoga
  • Discuss the basic principles of NAFC Yoga 200™
  • Identify key persons who contributed to bringing Yoga to the West
  • Experience the benefits of a Yoga practice
  • Convey the benefits of a consistent yoga practice to students
  • Effectively apply the theoretical knowledge (and benefits) in all 3 planes-of-motion
  • Guide participants through the proper set-up, troubleshooting, and levels of intensity for each posture
  • Demonstrate, instruct, and correct Yoga postures in the areas of form and alignment
  • Properly design an intelligent Yoga class for a group or individual using course resources as a foundation
  • Safely, efficiently, and effectively train and progress clients of all fitness levels within the safety guidelines of the NAFC Certification