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NAFC PowerCerts

Be better. Be a Team ICG® Instructor

For two decades, Team ICG® have globally motivated, mentored and measured positive change in the lives and rides of its instructors and community. We’re not the many, but the few that make a difference. Believing in better. Striving together. Advancing together. We’re your teammate and team leader. "Team" is everything we stand for. "ICG" is who we are: Directors, crew, master trainers and fans. Team ICG® is woven into our jerseys and our daily attitude; it’s our brand, our intent and our community.

ICG® Stages Certification

Get certified with ICG Stages – the preferred education of many of the world’s leading health clubs, brands and instructors. ICG Stages is an internationally recognized and accredited Online or one day Live certification that, when passed, will globally certify you to teach indoor cycling. The one day Live certification allows you to attend a full day's certification led by one of our master trainers and offers a group learning environment that delivers greater practical assessment for those who require or prefer this format.

Price: $249.00

Why CORE X SYSTEM Training?

Learn to teach a format that will expand your fitness professional skill set, thus adding opportunity for additional income and allowing you to train in both the Group Fitness and Small Group Training formats. Integrate CORE X SYSTEM drills into your current Circuit classes, use it with personal training clients, or teach a 30-minute choreographed Group Fitness Training class.


Answers to many common CORE X SYSTEM PowerCert questions may be found in our FAQ's. Have any other questions? Ask us via our support page.


CORE X SYSTEM PowerCert Workshop

The CORE X SYSTEM Group Fitness Training program is designed for fitness enthusiasts, and athletes alike, and is a fun and quick resistance based workout available to all levels of fitness.

Clients will shape lean muscles, tone the entire body, increase coordination, increase speed and agility, overall strength, and lose inches...all while respecting the integrity of posture, individual alignment & form, and functional movement that will complement activities of daily living and sport specific movement.

Price: $299.00


Product Includes:

  • CORE X SYSTEM Device with Arm & Leg Attachments
  • CORE X SYSTEM Lower Body Intensifier
  • CORE X SYSTEM Travel Bag
Price: $59.95

Choose a CORE X SYSTEM event to attend:

CORE-X Virtual Workshop

On-demand virtual workshop option
CORE X SYSTEM Cert only $299.00
with NAFC GX Cert $598.00
with NAFC GX Cert+Workshop $698.00

CORE X SYSTEM products and workouts

Check out the CORE X SYSTEM store to shop for exclusive products and workout materials:

Get Transformations certified!

The Transformations PowerCert is geared toward educating and empowering students with the training and understanding on how to successfully instruct and guide clients through the 8 week Transformations program.

Students will learn the systems, management, and back end function of the program in order to build a successful business.


Transformations is an all-encompassing, sustainable lifestyle, nutrition and exercise program. It’s the first of its kind to include marketing and networking systems, scheduling and payment/payroll templates and detailed direction on sales, on-boarding, retention and management.

As a Certified Transformations Instructor, your role will entail:
  • Conducting fitness assessments, either in a one-on-one or group environment
  • Creating individualized and customized workout plans from the TF guidelines
  • Ensuring participant accountability
  • Documenting and monitoring participant progress
  • Building a socially dynamic group of clients
  • Managing schedules, sales, and marketing

Join the Transformations Team!

Our core mission is community and bringing people together to support each other and reach goals!

Become an inspiration and motivator for the people in your community.

Transformations Online

Price: $299.00

Choose a Transformations event to attend:

Power Rebounder Instructor Certification

Power Rebounder is a calorie-torching "jump" fusion class that combines low-impact cardio and muscular endurance training with driving musical rhythm for an energetic, total-body workout!

Version en español

Become a Power Rebounder Certified Instructor!

The Power Rebounder Instructor Certification course is an online group fitness course which can be completed at your own pace and at times that fit your busy schedule. Power Rebounder utilizes low‐impact springboard mats, known as "Rebounders", which allow participants to experience a high‐intensity class but with low stress to the joints, bones, muscles and heart.

Through this course you will learn how to:
  • Define the purpose of Power Rebounder
  • Identify and explain functionality of the parts and pieces of Power Rebounder equipment
  • Identify what makes Power Rebounder a safe and effective training tool
  • Apply the NAFC's ANSER Principle to exercises on and off the Rebounder
  • Gain and practice the necessary tools to teach safe, effective, and dynamic Power Rebounder classes
  • Define and practice the skills and movements to teach multi-level Power Rebounder classes
  • Coordinate Power Rebounder movements to music
  • Promote program integrity and the Power Rebounder Brand
Live Workshop Option
  • Power Rebounder Instructor Manual
  • Digital videos of exercise breakdown and master class
  • Music
  • Choreography Notes
  • Theory Exam
  • Practical Exam
Workshop Price: $299.00
Virtual/Online Workshop Option
  • Everything included above, but your workshop is in the form of online video.
Workshop Price: $299.00

Power Rebounder Equipment

Power Rebounder utilizes low-impact springboard mats, known as "Rebounders", which allow participants to experience a high-intensity class but with low stress to the joints, bones, muscles and heart.

Unit Price: $198.00 Product Page

Choose a Power Rebounder event to attend:

Certificación de Power Rebounder

Power Rebounder tm es una clase fusionada para la quema calórica basada en el salto, combina entrenamiento de bajo impacto cardiovascular y de Resistencia muscular al ritmo de la música para un total entrenamiento muy energético.

English Version

Detalles del Curso

Power Rebounder Tm. Fue creada en el 2009 por Marisol Baltazar Nava como una respuesta a un entrenamiento Intervalado de alta intensidad y bajo impacto como lo es Hiit y Tabata.

La Certificación de Instructor Power Rebounder es un curso que se efectúa en linea y puede ser completada en el espacio y tiempo que se ajuste a tus necesidades y agenda.

Por medio de este curso aprenderás como:
  • Definir el Propósito de Power Rebounder
  • Identificaras y podrás explicar la funcionalidad de las piezas y partes del equipo de Power Rebounder
  • Identificaras que es lo que hace que Power Rebounder sea una herramienta efectiva
  • Aplicaras el Principio de ANSER de NAFC a los ejercicios arriba y abajo del Rebounder
  • Obtendrás y practicaras las herramientas necesarias para enseñar una clase segura, efectiva y dinámica de Power Rebounder
  • Definirás y Practicaras las diferentes habilidades y movimientos para enseñar una clase multi-nivel de Power Rebounder
  • Coordinaras los movimientos de Power Rebounder con la música
  • Promoverás la integridad del programa y la marca de Power Rebounder

Que incluye:

Opcion Workshop Presencial

  • Power Rebounder Manual de Instructor
  • Videos digitales del rompimiento de los ejercicios y clase master
  • Música
  • Notas Coreograficas
  • Exámen Teórico
  • Exámen Práctico
Precio de curso: $299.00

Curso Opcional Virtual en Linea

  • Todo incluido anteriormente. Incluye taller como de vídeo en línea.
Precio de curso: $299.00
Equipos de Power Rebounder
Precio por Unidad: $135.00 Página del producto

Paquetes de productos

Incluye (en español):
  • Certificación de Power Rebounder (Español)
  • Rebounder Curso Opcional Virtual en Linea (Español)
  • Equipo
Precio especial $338.20
Incluye (en español):
  • Certificación de Fitness Grupal
  • Fitness Grupal Curso Opcional Virtual en Linea
  • Equipo
Precio especial $248.00
Incluye (en español):
  • Certificación de Power Rebounder
  • Certificación de Fitness Grupal
  • Rebounder Curso Opcional Virtual en Linea
  • Fitness Grupal Curso Opcional Virtual en Linea
  • Equipo
Precio especial $537.20

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TrueBar Certification

Are you ready to raise the bar on classical barre training? We are proud to introduce to you NAFC's TrueBar® training. TrueBar® Fitness incorporates gliders, a Bender Ball, and TrueBar stations to create fantastic functional fitness for students of all levels.

Become a TrueBar Certified Instructor!

Developed by TrueBar® Fitness and NAFC, the TrueBar® course is a science-based, unique approach to classical barre training.

Through TrueBar® training, you’ll be able to teach participants how to execute functional movements, utilizing the specially-designed TrueBar® stations. Using the TrueBar® station, participants will have all the necessary equipment in a compact space, so crowding is never a problem. Instructors who already teach barre can expect greater versatility in programming upon completion of this course. TrueBar® is also ideal for any instructor who desires to increase their understanding of mindful, functional movement.

Based on scientific research conducted at the Gray Institute, the TrueBar® method applies conscious movements offering beneficial, subconscious results. This includes examining the physiology, gravitational biology, and behavioral needs of individuals. Students can also expect an overview of kinetic chain movements, fascia, and how fascia affects analysis of a client's posture and movement.

Get ready to take barre fitness to the next level. Go deeper in your understanding of movement, and improve your clients' results when you get certified to teach NAFC's TrueBar®.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:
  • Define the purpose of the TrueBar® station and its unique applications
  • Identify and explain the programming for TrueBar® basics
  • Identify how TrueBar® applications are a safe and effective training tool
  • Apply the NAFC's ANSER™ safety principles to exercises on and off the TrueBar® station
  • Gain the necessary tools to teach safe, effective, and dynamic TrueBar® classes
  • Define and practice the skills and movements to teach TrueBar® classes
  • Promote program integrity using the TrueBar® brand

A Group Fitness, Personal Training, or Pilates Certification is required in order to complete the TrueBar PowerCert.

If you are not currently certified in one or more of the above, please consider the following NAFC Certifications:

Live Workshop Option

  • TrueBar® Instructor Manual
  • Theory Exam
Workshop Price: $249.00

TrueBar® Station

The TrueBar® Station was created by a fitness studio owner who saw the need to improve transition time between modalities while also freeing up valuable floor space and preventing overcrowding, The TrueBar® Stations are revolutionizing the standard group fitness format. The TrueBar® Stations provide a unique method of organization, personal space, and specialized programming that is coveted by both club members and instructors alike.

Unit Price: $129.00 - Contact us for group pricing

Choose a TrueBar® event to attend:

Events coming soon!

NoBarreRequired Certification

NoBarreRequired is a fun, energetic full body barefoot workout that fuses Pilates concepts with Ballet Barre exercises to challenge your balance and stability, increase your flexibility and strength - all with no barre required.

Become a NoBarreRequired Certified Instructor!

The NoBarreRequired Instructor Certification course can be completed online, which will give instructors the tools to successfully teach and guide your clients through the defined "blocks" of standing and floor exercises.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:
  • Identify and explain the programming for NoBarreRequired basics
  • Identify what makes NoBarreRequired a safe and effective training tool
  • Apply the NAFC's ANSER Principle to NoBarreRequired exercises
  • Gain and practice the necessary tools to teach safe, effective, and dynamic NoBarreRequired classes
  • Define and practice the skills and movements to teach NoBarreRequired classes
  • Promote program integrity and the NoBarreRequired Brand
  • Define and practice the skills and movements to teach NoBarreRequired classes
The online course only requires a pre-req of either a Pilates Mat Certification or Barre Certification. A live workshop option does not have a pre-req.
Option 1 Live Workshop
  • 3 Master Classes
  • Exercise breakdown
  • Theory exam
  • Choreography
  • Manual
Workshop Price: $249.00
Option 2 Virtual/Online Workshop
  • Everything included above, but your examination is in the form of an online assessment with a live evaluator.
Workshop Price: $249.00

Choose an event to attend:

Events coming soon!