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Group Fitness Instructor Certification (Post-Secondary)

Our instructors are part of a dynamic, new wave in fitness training for success, discipline and innovation. Master the basic disciplines of aerobics and step movement combined with a wide range of sport-targeted programs such as group strength training, kickboxing, dance, water fitness, mind/body classes and so much more! NAFC certified group fitness instructors learn the skills to teach effective and stimulating classes in response to a diverse range of needs.

CEC NAFC: 3.00    NESTA: 3.00    Valid for 24 months    

Price: $299.00
With Workshop : $399.00

Product Detail

Start a career as a Group Fitness Instructor through NAFC's in-depth online certification course!

  • Study at your own pace - Study online at times and places that fit your busy schedule.
  • Online Testing - Take your certification exam whenever you're ready with secure online testing.
  • Unlimited Educational Support - If you have questions about the course materials, contact us!
  • Customer Support - Support both Before and After you become certified.
  • Accreditation - NAFC is proud to be nationally accredited by the NBFE.

In the Group Fitness program, you'll learn to assess and apply an understanding of:

  • How knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics plays a role in maximizing results while minimizing risks in a large group setting.
  • Components of total fitness exercise programming.
  • Components of a well-rounded group fitness class.
  • Teaching to different learning styles in a group setting.
  • Safety variables and methods for avoiding injury.
  • Mechanics involved in maintaining proper posture.
  • Various warm up movements and stretching exercises.
  • Various types of exercises and different intensity levels for movement.
  • Movements, hands on coaching, and verbal & visual cues for various exercises.
  • Understanding how to apply choreography to rhythm and beat.
  • Effective timing, smooth transitions, and visual cues for teaching in a group fitness setting.

Includes the following

Weight Training Program

Learn basic anatomy, biomechanics and applying this knowledge in training settings for specific muscle groups. Guide clients in maximizing results while minimizing injury risk.

Group Fitness Program

With our Group Fitness program, learn to choose and include music to make your classes exciting! Learn the benefits of aerobic training, choreography techniques and cueing/teaching skills. You will also learn about pre-choreographed aerobic fitness programs and the newest trends in group aerobic fitness.