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NAFC Certification Bundles

Bundled certifications offer a special deal for the ambitious and forward-thinking fitness professional.

Enhance your training acumen and confidence through the understanding of the synergistic relationship between principles of Weight Training, Fitness Assessment, Lifestyles Consultation and Nutrition.

Includes the following four core programs:

  • Nutrition Coach Certification
  • Weight Training Program
  • Fitness Assessment Program
  • Lifestyle Consultant Program

NAFC CEC: 8.00

Valid for 24 months

Price: $948.00

Excel in your field by expanding your knowledge of all the 'essential' movements and exercises to become a truly fantastic trainer.

  • Mat 1: Foundation to begin Tri-plane Pilates. Understand the anatomy of exercise and the purpose of each movement. Pre-requisite to Reformer 1 and 2.
  • Anatomy and Physiology Module: Learn how to train your students to produce the most effective bio-mechanical movements using proven safety techniques.
  • Pre-Pilates Postural Assessment Module: Develop skills for assessing body types and determine movements for each. A prerequisite for Mat 1 & 2, or CEC.

NAFC CEC: 2.80
ACE CEC: 2.80

Valid for 24 months

Price: $547.00

Two certifications: Mat 1 is the foundation to begin Tri-plane Pilates. This is a 2-year certification and a pre-requisite to Reformer 1 and 2. Tri-plane Pilates Mat 2 is a continuation using new tools to enhance sequencing and program design. A 2-year certification. Pre-requisites are bundled.

Includes the following core programs:

  • Mat 1 Certification
  • Mat 2 Certification
  • Anatomy and Physiology Module
  • Pre-Pilates Postural Assessment Module

NAFC CEC: 3.60
ACE CEC: 3.60

Valid for 24 months

Price: $796.00