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Mat 1 & 2 Certification BUNDLE

Two certifications! The Mat One course is the foundation to begin Tri-plane Pilates and prepares students for Reformer 1 and 2 courses. This is a 2-year certification and a pre-requisite to Reformer 1 and 2.

In Mat Level 2 students will focus and refine their understanding of the body and movement efficiency. Students will gain a deeper understanding of proper form and function to ensure student safety at all training levels. In addition, students will begin to utilize props and tools in their delivery of Pilates’ matwork instruction and will refine their instructional presentation of education to students.

A 2-year certification and a useful CEC toward Reformer 1 and 2 certifications.

* All pre-requisites are bundled, making this a complete package! *

CEC NAFC: 3.60    NESTA: 3.60    ACE: 3.60    AFAA: 18.50    Valid for 24 months    

Price: $796.00

Product Detail

  • Experience turning exercise into dynamic functional movements that translate into every day activities.
  • Learn to incorporate tools and simulate large equipment to train more effectively than with just a mat.
  • Students will gain an understanding of why our program is innovative and unique in its approach to applied functional movement.
  • This course is progressive, functional and above all it works for all levels of students so they will feel successful rather than in pain from lying on their backs.

Prerequisites are included: Anatomy & Physiology, Pilates Coach: Foundations of Movement

Includes the following

Mat 2 Certification (Old version)

Tri-plane Pilates Mat level 2 is a continuation of level 1 using new tools to enhance sequencing and program design. Students will take their understanding of Mat One to a whole new, creative level of training! Learn and experience the use of Pilates "tools" using "GLIDERS", tubing and mini balls. Exercises will not only be magnified, but also open up a whole new concept of training with Tri-plane movement methodology. A 2-year certification and a useful CEC toward Reformer 1 and 2 certifications.

Mat 1 Certification
In this Mat Level I course students develop, execute and teach the historic exercises of Pilates’ Matwork training. Specific instruction on modifications and adjustments, as well as safety and teaching strategies are detailed. Through the education gained in this course, students are able to teach a variety of exercises that can be adapted for practically any level client. 
Anatomy and Physiology Module

NAFC's newly updated Anatomy and Physiology course presents essential knowledge which all Health and Fitness professionals should have an understanding of. Students will leave with an improved grasp of fundamental anatomy and physiology as they pertain to their clients and to real movement patterns.

Pilates Coach: Foundations of Movement Online
'Foundations of Movement' covers the principles and movement principles of the Pilates method along with the 'Basic Exercise Movements' that are the foundation of the method. The course provides a strong foundation for matwork training which is necessary to not only understand but to also teach Pilates exercise classes that can be introduced in group exercise, small group training and one-on-one training situations. This course offers an overview of the anatomy and physiology knowledge necessary to teach Pilates successfully.